Lower back pain - couldn't walk unaided

"Very happy with the service, can't fault it"

JF - 19.08.2016   

Lower Back Pain - I have had occasional bouts of lower back pain due to work or other activities. After treatment I always feel better and after a number of treatments like my old self.

I.W. 09.02.2016   

Anyone THINKING of going to an Osteopath? Don't JUST GO! It works!

D H 14.6.17   

Lower Back Problem. Excellent service and always fun in the circumstances.

A M 16.11.16   

Lower Back Pain. A first class service, appointments same day, regular treatment and no time off work since

S Q   

I went after severe neck pain from a car accident which had been constant for months. I noticed an immediate improvement after just a couple of sessions and I was completely pain free after seeing him for a couple of months.


First class service and friendly people who sympathise and listen

R.P 22.09.2015   

I've been really satisfied with all aspects of my treatment. I would highly recommend this practice.

K Rn 21.01.2017   

Back Problem - "Excellent service, would recommend to friends"

JM - 27.06.2016   

Pain in neck and right arm - The service I have received has been excellent and have recommended to friends.

JB - 30-03-2016   

Lower Back Pain/Spasm.
Andrew has got me from severe back pain to feeling normal within two weeks.

S V 10.04.2017   

Pleasant surroundings, Osteopath/staff very professional, would highly recommend practice.

C. T - 06.03.2017   

Lower back pain, extreme at times, chronic spasms, very hard to walk.
I have used Halifax Osteopaths, on and off, for over 20 years. Their treatment is professional, effective and stress free. Moreover, the problem and the treatment is always clearly explained. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

S. H. 9.5.2017   

Pain to lower back - "Good professional service"

JP - 26.08.2016   

Lower back pain. Excellent since that immediately addressed the problem and resolved it over 3 sessions.

S L 2016-02-23   

I would recommend anyone with back problems to come to this clinic. (Excellent)

B P 27.10.15   

Back problems from previous injuries - Fantastic treatment and very informal

TM - 08-04-2016   

Very good Osteopath, would recommend to others.

H C - 09.10.2017   

As last time, Andrew turns a 65 year old into a 35 year old in 3 sessions :-)

S.B - 05.10.2018   

Certainly helped greatly. would recommend to friends.

N M - 09.10.2017   

Left Shoulder - Having visited Andrew three times now I feel much improvement to shoulder.

M.B. - 25.08.2018   

Shoulder pain/Neck pain - This treatment has helped my pain become more managable. I have also learnt tips to reduce pain, such as how to improve my posture.

E. H. - 18.09.2018   

Pain on left hand side of back and leg - Received good service, very professional and would highly recommend to friends and family

GS - 17-05-2016   

I was referred to osteopaths following 2 lots of Facet Joint injections and 12 sessions of Physio and i was still in pain. After 1 session with Andrew the pain decreased and continued to decrease.


Neck Pain. Really appreciate the treatment. Does it work? 100% I am now pain free. Thank you.

T L   

Painful and 'stuck shoulder'

Andrew's experience, knowledge and expertise shines through. Great job done and relief from pain for me.

K R - Halifax   

I had lower back and hamstring problems and they got me back to good health on two occasions and would use again.

J S 14.11.15   

Lower Back. Excellent service and always fun in the circumstances.

A M 16.11.16   

Lower Back Pain, going into legs.
I would recommend any day, after only a few treatments I have much better movement and less pain.

GL - 26.9.17   

Thanks for the wonderful treatment and help which has improved my life so much, and also for cheering me up with the pleasant staff.

N T   

Problems with my Back, Shoulders and Knees.
"Keeps me going on my allotment"

EJ - 27.06.2016   

The treatment received has been benefical to my health and well being.

P.B. - 03.08.2018   

Pain in Buttock - Brilliant service as usual.

S. M - 28.08.2018   

Long term lower back problem.

Service really good, staff helpful and friendly.

JW - 09.08.2016   

Very stiff neck and shoulders. Service could not be improved

P B 30.11.15   

Painful and stiff leg.
'Andrew is always excellent at sorting out whatever problem it is. A very effective, friendly and professional service'

S A 12.12.2016   

Pulled Shoulder Muscle and displaced pelvis. Long standing spinal problems,
I have had problems with my all my life. There have been times when I've barely been able to walk and I've been crippled by pain. Andrew has always managed to improve matters to the point where although I may not be dancing as I leave his treatment room, I am in considerably less pain and I'm able to walk.

B H 28.11.16   

Back pain and stiffness - Good efficient and friendly service, effective treatment.

L. H. - 01.06.2018   

Stiff neck/back, causing aching pain and headaches.

"Excellent service, very happy with results so far"

LG - 17.08.2016   

Back pain after pregnancy
"After 3 treatments my pain has reduced and my movement and comfort has significantly increased. More than happy with the service, highly recommend"

TC - 06.06.2016   

Complaint: Back and Neck Pain.
'I am very pleased with the treatment received and the professional manner the clinic is run. I would highly recommend it.

S H 19.6.17   

When I first arrived at Halifax Osteopaths I was uncomfortable, in pain and found it difficult to sleep. After one visit I began to understand the nature of my discomfort, after two visits I could move better then I have for years and after three visits, I found I was in a calmer, more relaxed state, moving more easily with less pain. Who knows where i will be after four visits, but I look forward with confidence.

S T 06.03.2017   

Mis-aligned Pelvis - Very friendly, relaxed and well informed.

J. P. - 12.09.2018   

Great service, very professional and very helpful.

N C 05.04.2017   

This is my first time seeing an osteopath to help me with a physical injury and it's been really positive. I generally struggle with pain and stiffness in my spine and legs and it's been a great relief every time I have had a treatment. I am finding I have more mobility and feel more positive about my physical problems

E S 18.10.16   

Lower back pain preventing full range of motion and any sporting activity.
A great practice with very sincere and engaging staff, with great results!

OF - 30.8.16   

Whiplash/Muscle Pain.

Will keep coming to maintain fitness.

A S 03.05.2017   

Lower Back pain and pelvic problems.

"I could hardly stand when I arrived, let alone walk. On my first treatment I came out feeling like a huge weight had been lifted and I could walk properly"

LH 01.08.2016   

Stiff Neck - 'Fantastic Service'

LB 29-02-2016   

Andrew is excellent, helped the pain after just one session. Brilliant advice, would never go anywhere else! Thankyou.

A. B. 15.10.2018   

Pelvic Imbalance. Quick appointments, lovely friendly place. Brilliant at what they do, helped me immensley

J. R. 25.4.2017   

Came in with severe back pain, after one session felt much better.

S S - 03.04.2017   

Very good service, my back has definately go better.

W.S - 06.07.2018   

Lower Back Pain
"From my first phone call everything that followed was first class. My pain was eased after the first treatment"

GH - Halifax   

Pulled muscle from golf.

"Service difficult to improve, very flexible and easy to book. Excellent treatment which has removed the pain from my lower back. Regular check-ups has maintained the situation"

PS - 17.06.2016   

A welcoming, professional and informal service that has already helped me with good diagnosis and practical suggestions.

A. P - 16.06.2018   

Chest, Shoulder, Back and Foot pain.

Very good service, would recommend to friends.

D B 29.04.2017   

"The treatment is very good and really works. I would rate a therapy way above any provided by sports therapy masseurs or any other holistic therapists who deal with aches and pains"

AG - 09.11.2015   

My second visit, and as before; very welcoming, very reassuring and relaxing. A friendly professional who instills great confidence.

M R 22.09.2016   

Shoulder/Neck Pain.
'The treatment has provided rapid, immediate and prolonged relief from my long term pain'

D C 09.12.2016   

Complaint: Low Back Pain
Wonderful service, friendly staff as well, made me feel very welcome. I was in a lot of pain when I first came the improvement after 3 sessions has been fantastic. More mobile and the pain is not so severe. Definitely recommend this practice.

R H 23.6.17   

Stiff Neck - 'Excellent Service and treatment. Very rapid recover, feeling fit after only 6 visits'


Pain in low back and right buttock. I was able to get an appointment on the day I rang and felt better from the very first treatment. Would definitely recommend the practice.

P O 28.11.17   

Pain on right hand side above bum

The service is very friendly.

"I am grateful for the help"

AR - 31-05-2016   

Problem with neck and shoulder. Excellent cannot speak highly enough.

P P   

Back pain/strain.
If possible the experience has been made as pleasant as it could be. The patient is always kept in the picture regarding the treatment and made to feel their pain and condition is important. I would have no hesitation recommending you.

J C - 19.05.2017   

Having arrived with acute sciatica, it is wonderful to be pain free.

M.C. 16.07.2018   

Neck problem - Pleasant surroundings, staff/Osteopath very professional, highly recommend practice.

C T 10.03.2017   

I chose Andrew because I watched him treat my 90 year old mother; he enabled her to bend to touch her toes again. I came after a fall, in severe pain, after three treatments I am recovered. Not only that there have been other benefits with improvements in flexibility of my spine.

D.G. 15/06/2018   

'I was in so much pain in my lower back when I first came. The speed at which I have improved is amazing. After only 4 treatments I have progressed so much.'

A.B 02.11.2015   

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