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January 2018 Newsletter






4 days ago

Halifax Osteopaths

An unnerving thought? ...

An unnerving thought?

5 days ago

Halifax Osteopaths

Appointments available tomorrow and Weds
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3 weeks ago

Halifax Osteopaths

Doing anything good this weekend?

Physio Network
Real time MRI of the Cervical Spine 🤓

A 2018 Systematic Review looked into what workplace-based interventions for neck pain in office workers was best.

Robin Kerr reviewed this and said:
❝This study found that workplace-based simple neck and shoulder strengthening exercises the be an effective and cheap method of managing symptomatic office workers.❞

🚫 Evidence was NOT in favour of stretching, more work breaks, arm chair supports, CBT or group education.

In a few days the April issue will review a new & key study on dizziness, unsteadiness, visual disturbances, and sensorimotor control in traumatic neck pain.. dont miss out! 👉

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